Study Shows How People Now Prefer To Meet Online More Than In Person

Not very long ago, the idea of meeting people online was often denounced. Boomers and even millennial were openly against it and had the opinion that people only choose to go for a virtual connection because they lack interpersonal skills. According to them, such people failed at making friends in real life and hence they eventually were trying out their luck with digital tools.

While majority of the population tend to believe this opinion, the advent of technology proved that is was nothing more than an absurd thought to let others down. This traditional view point couldn’t survive and later we even saw how finding dates online was being preferred by people from all backgrounds than just loners.

Today, we see dozens of apps being developed to offer something new for fostering friendships online and connect the world better than before. As this was not it, some digital platforms also helped professional reach out to their potential clients and colleagues. So, all in all, the online introductions became the perfect alternative to in-person meetings.

To explain the impact of the invention of social media on friendships, a study has been done by Whoishostingthis that, in particular, also highlights how individuals meet online. About 1,000 participants were asked to share their experiences and the results can indeed surprise the ones who still think that online friendships is a bad idea.

There is no doubt in the fact that Facebook is the clear winner as per the statistics and it really deserved to be on the top. Back in 2004, Facebook was connected with one simple goal to achieve and that was to connect people from all over the world. Mark Zuckerberg’s initial aim was to bring college students to the platform but fortunately enough the idea had potential for every one and later we saw baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennial together becoming a part of 1.6 Billion daily active users that Facebook enjoys today.

The results further elaborated that while older generations were more into making friends on Facebook (82.9% for baby boomers, 76.5% for Generation X and Millennial 68.1%), Generation Zers preferred making friends on Instagram 61.3% as compared to 51.3% on Facebook. Gen Zers were even more willing to make friends via Twitter as the percentage in that category was also relatively high with 41.2%.

Study Shows How People Now Prefer To Meet Online More Than In Person

Surprisingly, millennial were more inclined towards meeting online friends in person (60.5% to be exact). However, before you meet someone from the online world, one always has to make sure that the person that are about to meet is actually what he or she says tells about themselves so precautions were obviously necessary which millennial took care of.

Going more into the depth of meeting friends from online world, 57.2% told about the meet up to their friends or family, 32.0% took someone with them 20.3% of respondents, despite all the risk involved, went out all on their own.

Where do you count yourself?

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