Facebook Reveals 4 Million Advertisers Are Using Stories For More Meaningful Marketing!

As the feature of Stories was introduced as an idea to let users come out with more personalization and variety in their content (than only except for like worthy shots), it is the brands and advertisers that are also winning the game with their Stories.

According to a more recent announcement by Facebook on CES 2020 this Tuesday, there are around 4 million advertisers that use Stories to put out beautiful messages and ads across Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. The numbers are increasing at a very rapid pace as the total crossed 3 million only last May.

To explain the immense success of Stories with advertisers, Facebook came up with recent Stories campaigns by two brands and going through them we can most definitely have a fair idea about the power of the medium.

First up is Groove Collaborative, a company that is known for making eco-friendly household products whether they are related to cleaning, personal care, babies, kids or even pets. To connect directly to the consumer, the brand chooses a more personal and approach which include vertical video ads that genuinely look like as if some actual customer is sharing their experience of using Groove Collaborative’s products inside their homes. If the user loved the ad, they could even swipe up to go to the online store.

Going by this strategy, Groove stated that 37% of their new customers came through stories and such a campaign also led them to 25% less cost per acquisition when compared with all of the placements. Moreover, the click through rate also rose to 2.1 times higher.

The second honorary mention was given to one of the best skin care product manufacturers, Clinique. The company’s much hyped #FindMyiD campaign leveraged data from skin only to identify the top three problems that people face with their skin. But the stroke of a genius later came in the form of personalized ads which were targeted right at the consumer needs.

While Clinique gained massive sales online and in stores for it, the campaign also helped the brand saw a 114% incline in offline conversions in Malaysia. There was also a 13 point increase in brand awareness in Paris and ad recall in 14 out of 20 markets, beating the norm twice.

If you’re a brand or an advertiser, we would recommend to follow your own journey, show people what they need and haven’t seen before in ads and we bet you will see the magic happening for your own company as well with Stories.

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