YouTube attempts to make peace with Rewind 2019 - but does it all go in vain?

YouTube kept up with the tradition and released its Rewind 2019 today. Dedicated to the year's biggest trend creators, the Rewind series includes a compilation of video clips that serve as a farewell to the previous year.

Unfortunately, YouTube's plan to create a ‘nostalgia’ did not work too well for the video streaming platform last year, when it's 2018 Rewind became the most hated YouTube video of all time.

For the users who do not remember, the Rewind 2018 failed to attract the audience miserably. In fact, after the video was released, CEO Susan Wojcicki said that even her children found it 'cringe-worthy.'

The Reason for the dislike: YouTube left out some of the most prominent celebrities in the 2018 rendition.

Yes, the previous year's 'flashback' eliminated several popular YouTubers from its year-end video including PewDiePie - the platform's most viewed creator.

The criticism by the fan base was severe that YouTube’s Rewind 2018 ranked as the most disliked video of all time, beating out Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’.

In their response, YouTube had claimed that it is impossible to bring the magic of the channel in one single compilation. The company spokesperson also said that they were restricted by length and could not include all their favorite creators.

Well seems like YouTube tried very hard to make peace with the fanbase by promoting Rewind 2019 as something different. The company offered teasers of their latest Rewind version that showed some of the big names like BTS and Emma Chamberlain. The teasers were cross-platformed on other social media channels as well.

Moreover, the new Rewind 2019 also took on board popular YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, and Mr. Beast – namely the ones that were left out from the 2018 version.

However, this year, the Google-owned video streaming platform decided to make things right by making room for the biggest personalities of their channel.

The Rewind 2019 released today and includes clips from different YouTube channels. According to the company, the channels were selected based on the data about the most-watched creator, most watched videos, and most searched trends.

However, did it live up to the expectations of the YouTube audience?

Surprisingly, No!

Immediate reactions from the fan community of YouTube served the latest video with 2 million dislikes (as of writing this piece) - compared to the 1 million likes along with thousands of comments that touted it as lazy and boring. The audience also said that this year's compilation simply includes a listicle of the top 10 videos on YouTube and does not have the wooing effect.

Furthermore, the video opens up with a few phrases that appear as YouTube is showing cynicism at the audience for not liking their previous version of Rewind - which further adds fuel to the fire.

As of now, the dislike ratio is not as strong as it was last year. But knowing the viewers, we can expect it to escalate significantly as the video reaches a global audience.

What do you think? Do watch the Rewind 2019 video and let us know your comments here!

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