Google Play Store's Best Apps and Games of 2019 Revealed

As the year draws to a close, a lot of statistics with regards to which apps were the most popular among users are starting to be revealed. These statistics can tell you a lot about what kind of apps people have preferred using with the user choice categories, as well as what Google considers to be the app of the year as far as their own metrics for measuring such things are concerned.

If we start with the User Choices, the best app category went to Glitch Video Effects, a video editor that can add glitchy visuals to the video you are trying to edit. This indicates an increased interest in video production, as well as using smartphone based applications in the post production process of video creation.

As for the best game, users chose the mobile version of Call of Duty in this area. This is a highly popular game so it should come as no surprise that users would select it as the game based app of the year, and it proves that smartphone based gaming is becoming far more popular than it has ever been before.

Movies are also popular on the play store, and usually the Users Choice for best movie coincides with the most successful movie released in that particular year. Since Avengers: Endgame broke pretty much all box office records and became one of the most successful movies of all time, it was the obvious choice that users were going to go with.

Google’s (editors) choice for App of the Year went to Ablo, an app designed to connect you with people from around the world that you can then form friendships with. Its editor choice for game of the year went to Art Inc. - Trendy Business Clicker, echoing what Play Store moderators found to be the best game that the play store has to offer.

Here are Google's favorite apps and games of the year:

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