10 Most Disliked Videos On YouTube That You Must Watch … or Not

YouTube is known to be the best online video streaming websites where most of the content creators are very passionate about the creative content that they make. In an attempt to make the video stand out from rest and more relative sometimes the videos are very catchy but the content is not so great. On the other hand, the videos are sometimes very informative but too boring, either way earning the creator likes and dislikes.

In a world where everything is judged on the basis of views, likes and dislikes it becomes very important to know the top ten most disliked videos on YouTube that are cringe, catchy or weird. Here are the top ten most disliked videos on YouTube that everyone must watch.

1- YouTube Rewind 2018

YouTube rewind is a celebratory video that YouTube launches every year to celebrate the best content and content creators from the year. However, the 2018 YouTube rewind was so bad and pointless that it received whooping 16 million dislikes regardless of the involvement of some of the best and most viewed YouTubers. In short, leave it to YouTube to destroy the image of its own websites by making a trash video.

2- Justin Bieber ft. Ludacris – Baby

Baby by Justin Bieber is known to be one of the most annoying yet catchy songs of its time. This video has 2 billion views, 11 million likes and 10 million dislikes which obviously makes it one of the most controversial music video of all times. This music video was launched in 2010 and this is the same video that brought Justin into the mainstream music industry so if you are annoyed by Justin, this music video is defiantly the reason.

3- Jake Paul ft. team 10 – its everyday bro

With 4.4 million Jake Paul one of the fastest-growing YouTubers that was once considered a threat to PewDiePie makes it to the list. This video is a diss song that in annoyingly catchy but absolutely trashy. In an attempt to get back at his own brother, Jake made this video which earned him 2.2 million likes as well as 4.4 million dislikes.

4- PewDiePie – can this video get 1 million dislikes?

As the video suggests, the dislikes were requested by PewDiePie himself and his devoted followers are ready to do anything for him. The video didn’t even receive 1 million dislikes but 4.2 million dislikes which make it qualified for 4th place on the list.

5- Luis Fonsi Featuring Daddy Yankee – Despacito

One of the most played and most covered songs Despacito has tota of 4.1 million dislikes that qualifies this song to be on 5th. On the other hands, this song has 6 billion views and 34 million likes which mean that the only reason this song has so many dislikes is that most of the viewers are tired of listening to this song on radio, TV, social media networks and on YouTube.

6- Call of Duty - Official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

The only gaming video on this list with 3.8 million dislikes was just a promo of the upcoming call of duty that came out in 2016. Initially, the game was judged and hated but since then it has only gained positive reviews, however, the damage is done which is the reason this video is on number 6th on the list.

7- Rebecca Black – Friday

Posted in 2011, this song has gathered a total of 3.5 million dislikes that make it stand on 7th on the list. There is no surprise that this video has so many dislikes considering it was considered one of the most hated song but the singer behind this song earned her successful YouTube career out of it.

8- Pinkfong! Kids’ Songs & Stories - Baby Shark Dance

If you have a kid at home and you have never played baby shark, you might be living under a rock or in heaven where you don’t have access to YouTube. With 3.3 million dislikes from the time of its launch in June 2016, this song stands tall at number 8 on the list.

9- Bibisbeautypalace - Bibi H – How It Is ( Wap Bap … )

Number nine on the list is this video by Bibisbeautypalace with 3 million dislikes and by the look of it you can tell why this video has so much hate. In a series of completely disjointed and bizarre scenes that make no sense that video is a complete waste of four minutes.

10- Aruan Felix - ‹ Cortando O Botão Do Youtube ›

This video has 2.5 million dislikes which add it on number 10th on thelist. The video is totally in Portuguese and the creator is just trying to destroy that silver button that he received by YouTube, however, the information is too little about why this video is among one of the most disliked videos.

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