YouTube Account Purge Might Lead to Subscriber Count Drops

Content creators are a big part of what makes YouTube as successful as it currently is, and one thing these creators are quite concerned with is the number of subscribers they have. Earning a subscriber is hard work and most creators spend a lot of time and effort in securing a following that would enable them to earn a decent amount of income on a regular basis.

However, it appears that a lot of content creators on YouTube are going to have to deal with a loss in the total number of subscribers that they have. This is because of the fact that YouTube will be purging accounts that are defunct, inactive or otherwise closed. This year end cleanup is being done to make sure that the statistics they have on accounts on the platform are more accurate.

While YouTube has not given any information on how many subscribers these creators might end up losing, chances are that it will be bigger than you would expect. This might actually be a good thing for creators because they won’t lose any of their active subscribers that engage with their content on a regular basis, and thus their views are probably not going to decrease thereby having no impact on their income whatsoever.

That being said, a lot of YouTubers use their subscriber count to justify the prices for brand deals and product placement, which means that this might just end up affecting their careers regardless. Still, it seems like this is a necessary step for YouTube to take, so there is pretty much nothing creators can do except try to build their numbers back up. It will also indicate which creators have the highest number of fake subscribers since they will be hit by this change the hardest.

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