WhatsApp to soon roll out ‘Battery Saver’ mode for Android users

WhatsApp’s dark mode feature is one of the most anticipated features on Android. However, seems like the wait is almost over and we can expect to see the full rollout of dark mode any day.

In fact, news mills are repeatedly churning with updates about the new features that will be part of the dark mode on WhatsApp, indicating that the latest version of WhatsApp is somewhat near.

Just recently, WABetaInfo discovered that WhatsApp is integrating a battery saver option with the dark mode capabilities. According to their reports, WhatsApp beta for Android Version 2.19.353 includes an option to enable/disable the Dark Theme mode – in accordance with the battery saver settings of the device.

As of now, the app researching website does not have much information about the feature. However, it seems that the feature would automatically switch WhatsApp to dark mode once the battery levels of the phone decrease.

Here, it should also be noted that the battery saver option would only be visible on Android 9 and lower versions. So, if you are using Android 10, the default option would automatically set WhatsApp’s theme to the mode you have allocated for your device. In simple words, WhatsApp will continue to run in dark mode if your Android 10 phone is working on a dark theme.

WhatsApp to soon roll out ‘Battery Saver’ mode for Android users

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