Google Chrome’s New Tab Pages May Soon Start Showing Larger Thumbnails

One part of Chrome that Google seems to keep experimenting with is the new tab page. The changes are often temporary, and they almost seem to be random as Google is trying to figure out the best way to optimize them and ensure that users would be able to get the best experience out of them that is currently possible at this point in time all in all.

The latest change involves you seeing larger thumbnails of article recommendations when you open the new tab page and don’t go to any website right away.

While the change has only been made on the server side for now, it will probably be rolled out soon since these changes don’t get tested for very long as they are relatively minor. The good thing is that you won’t need to update your version of Chrome in order to get it, it will be rolled out to be pretty much every version of Chrome that is currently available to users all in all.

If you want to activate the Larger Thumbnails feature on an Android device you can do so by opening Google Chrome app and by going to chrome://flags#interest-feed-content-suggestions and manually turning it on. This would enable you to get a closer look at what this experiment is all about and see if it is the kind of feature that you would want to end up using for new tab pages on Chrome.

When enabled the "Interest feed content suggestions" feature will make your Chrome's new tab page look more like Google News and Discover app.

Want To Enable Google News like Larger Thumbnails in Chrome Browser on Android, Here's what you need to know

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