Crises Response Tool by Facebook – New Updates and WhatsApp Integration

It is not long before when Facebook introduced its Crises Response Tool that helps people in the wake of a disaster. The feature has been used in more than 80 countries and helped people in over 300 crises. Facebook is introducing new updates in this feature to improve its functionality.

Recently, Facebook announced that it is integrating this feature with WhatsApp along with adding other new features in it. Facebook already offers Safety Check, Fundraisers, and Community Checks to let people get as much help as they can from others. It is a good place to connect people with one another in times of crisis. All these features are a part of Facebook’s Crises Response hub.

The question is, why is Facebook integrating WhatsApp with this feature? Well, until today, people were able to offer help to the victims of crises through Messenger, but now they can do it directly through WhatsApp.

Apart from it, the feature’s integration with WhatsApp will allow users to share first-hand information about the crises. For instance, if users are struck by a disaster, they can report about issues in their locality or about food supplies or such.

Crises Response Tool by Facebook – New Updates and WhatsApp Integration

In addition to these updates, Facebook is also updating its “Data for Good” tools. Facebook partners with more than 100 organizations that help Facebook to come up with relief organizations and disaster maps. This information help authorities to distribute supplies or reach to people in need.

With the help of this data and partnerships, Facebook is able to deliver all this information to local and state officials. Apart from it, the federal relief agencies are also taking advantage of Facebook’s data.

Facebook is also trying to improve its disaster maps by making experts work at topics of displacement. Let’s see how many of these updates will be released by Facebook, but it will definitely be of enormous help for people. The features are coming out today!

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