YouTube CEO introduced the four Rs approach used by the platform and here’s what we know

YouTube is one of the largest video streaming platforms and it is aimed at raising authenticated content alongside reducing the borderline content and the misinformation from the platform as well.

Recently, in the month of August Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube introduced the four Rs approach used by the platform which includes the first step Remove which was later on explained in September.

According to the CEO, the following are the four Rs approach used by the platform to maintain the largest video search engine.


If any content is discovered violating the policies of the platform, YouTube removes the content as soon as possible and brings out new updates and policies to make the rules clearer and more effective to its users.

Raise Up

This video streaming platform not only focuses on videos of entertainment, but it also raises the voices and shares it among people who are looking for some breaking news or information especially when some breaking news moments are happing around.


According to the CEO of YouTube, the video streaming platform always tries to reduce the spread of content including misinformation or goes against the policy line of the platform and that is why the platform always tries to bring various new updates in its policies similar to the changes it brought in recommendations of the platform in January.


Susan Wojcicki also stated that YouTube not only attempts to make the platform more authoritative and authentic but also rewards trusted eligible creators of the platform.

Prioritizing of authoritative voices

Majority of the people now don’t prefer watching news on televisions but instead to save time they prefer watching it on YouTube anywhere they want and as more and more people are choosing to watch the latest news from YouTube instead of televisions so the platform also aims to raise some authoritative content and reduce the spread of misinformation from the platform. For content involving music, entertainment or some other creative content authoritative doesn’t matter as compared to the spread of content which includes the latest news, science, historical events where accuracy and quality of information are considered the core key more than the engagement. So, to avoid any spread of misinformation the platform always attempts to raise only authoritative sources to the top.

The video streaming platform started prioritizing authoritative voices in 2017 which included CNN, Fox News and others in the search results for news and information. According to YouTube, millions of search queries are now getting this new priority for authoritative voices and it is expected to expand to other topics and countries as well. Along with prioritizing the authoritative voices, the video platform will also be providing short previews of text-based news articles in the search results for breaking news and all along with the reminded that these breaking news can change and develop over time. In January, this Google-owned video site will be reducing the recommendations of borderline content or the videos with content that could misinform users.

According to the blog by YouTube, the company will be expanding to countries outside the U.S. including Ireland, South Africa, the U.K., and other English and on-English-speaking markets as well to determine which videos to take action on. YouTube majorly rely on the external evaluations from around the world to provide some critical input on the quality of the video and these evaluators use the public guidelines to guide their work. The evaluated videos receive a variety of nine opinions and based on the input from external evaluators machine learning systems are used to build models that help to review thousands and thousands of hours of videos on daily basis to detect and limit the spread of borderline content from the platform.

The work of the largest video streaming platform will continue to explore options and to bring a variety of external researchers to study the system of YouTube and according to the platform, it will keep continuing to invest in more teams and introduce a variety of new features to its users from time to time.

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