Dark Mode Saves Battery Life! Here Is A Proof With Test On The iPhone

More often than not, you see certain features in your favorite smartphones that fall into the category of “love it or hate it, but you can’t ignore it”. Such has been the case with Dark Mode! Majority of the tech enthusiasts are finding it as an amazing user experience while others are absolutely hating the darkness that has been spread all across their mobile screens.

While I’m sure that you too may have an opinion about it, however what you are unaware about is that dark mode potentially saves up a lot of battery life and it is not a myth.

As Apple rolled out with its Dark Mode in the latest iOS last month, there is an interesting video posted on a YouTube Channel, PhoneBuff which shows that turning on the dark mode on iPhone XS has actually contributed a great deal in extending the battery life as compared to the normal mode.

The test was conducted on two iPhone models: one with regular light mode and second had dark mode on it. Similar tasks were performed on both of the iPhones with the help of robotics devices for almost two hours.

The list included messaging, scrolling through Twitter, couple of hours of Youtubing and even using Google Maps to find out new locations for almost two hours again. The end result was that the iPhone XS with light mode got shut down without completing the two hour test and the iPhone XS with dark mode stood the test of time.

In fact by the end the iPhone XS with dark mode had 30% battery left, by which we can also assume that the dark mode saves 30% of battery as compared to the light mode.

Here is a video to go by as a proof which might also make the haters love the feature.

But there is a catch!

As the dark mode may have shown a considerable benefit, this would however be still only applicable on iPhones that have OLED display panels. This is due to the technicalities involved in the hardware of OLEDs as the pixels inside it are totally off whereas the LCD pixels still continue to emit light.

Another point to ponder is that this test was only conducted on dark mode compatible apps, along with different usage a brightness level of 200 nits. If other apps or situations were involved, the results could have been different. But then again these apps are still the most commonly used and drain most of the battery in a smartphone.

Moreover, iPhones are not alone. Google on its Annual Dev Summit 2018 also confirmed that the dark mode on Android would save up the battery life too. Hence, if anything to by their announcement is true and how the company never misses out the chance to be iOS’s counterpart, you can test out your android phones as well!

So, with more battery deal, would you like the dark mode now?

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