TikTok’s Growth Rate Declines for First Time

If there is one undisputed star of the world of social media as far as the past year is concerned, it is undoubtedly TikTok. This is because of the fact that this social media app has taken the world by storm, with users from all across the world taking part in its unique service and the features that it provides. One unique aspect of its growth has to do with the fact that the social media platform has been specializing in developing economies, with countries like India in particular giving the social media platform a pretty big audience all in all.

However, as reported by Bloomberg, it seems like TikTok’s rise to glory is starting to come to an end. If you compare the numbers concerning its rate of growth that came in at the end of September, you would find that its growth rate has actually slowed down by about four percent over last year. While this is by no means a sign that TikTok is in big trouble, it might just indicate that the video sharing app won’t be able to overtake Facebook anytime soon which is something that a lot of commentators were speculating about given just how quickly TikTok had managed to attain its massive userbase of 1.5 billion users.

Whether or not this is going to take the wind out of TikTok’s sails remains to be seen, but the Chinese social media giant as well as its parent company ByteDance have both been trying to establish official headquarters in the US and have been very busy coming up with a game plan that would allow them to tackle the likes of Facebook. This might just be a small road bump on their path to success. However, it could very well also end up being the beginning of the end for a social network that really made waves for some time.

Has TikTok Finally Peaked?

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