Most Downloadable Apps of September 2019, TikTok won over all Social Media Apps

Gone are the days when people were crazy after Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as stats suggest something else. The statistics related to the most downloaded apps in September 2019 show TikTok on top of the list!

For both Google and Apple store downloads, TikTok remained on the top with Facebook, Instagram and other top apps on the list.

Around 60 million total downloads of TikTok were recorded in September only with major installs in India stands at 44%. Apart from it, 8% of TikTok downloads were noted in the US.

In the second position was Facebook with 50.5 million downloads. Most of Facebook’s downloads were also recorded in India stands at 23% followed by Indonesia with 11% total downloads.

Likewise, Snapchat, Instagram and Likee stood in the top five of the list of most downloaded apps in September 2019.

The top 10 apps included Helo, Pinterest, HADO, BIGO LIVE, and Twitter that was present in different locations on the list.

If you want to get a clear picture of the total downloads estimate then you can check the Sensor Tower blog post.

All these social media apps might have not seen TikTok give them such a huge competition in the future. Currently, many apps are introducing new features and updates that are just like TikTok, however, it has not affected TikTok’s download growth anyways.

In the future, TikTok might give other social media apps a tough competition in the future as predicted from its hype among both adult and young generation.

Top Social Media Apps Worldwide for September 2019 by Downloads - chart

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