Twitter’s VP of Design Sheds Light on Upcoming New Features

Twitter has been making a lot of updates in an attempt to try and maximize its reach and get to new users that might not have ended up taking the platform all that seriously before. In order to spread the word about some of the new features that are coming to Twitter, the VP of Design working at the company Dantley Davis has given a list of features that you should expect to come to Twitter. While the new features are probably not going to make it to Twitter before next year, when they do come they are probably going to help elevate Twitter’s status.

One important feature that is coming to Twitter will basically allow you to remove yourself from Twitter threads that you have been tagged in. Currently your only option in this situation would involve muting the conversation but you will still be tagged in the thread which can be quite annoying for a lot of people since you will be publicly visible in that thread. With this new feature you would be able to remove yourself from conversations that you do not want to be a part of quite easily all in all, something that would prove to be quite popular with a lot of users on the platform.

Another feature that you are going to get is the ability to turn off retweets. Currently the only way to prevent people from retweeting your content is to make your account private. If you want to maintain a public profile but want to turn retweets off for a particular tweet, you don’t have any options. However, if introduced, this new feature will allow you to turn retweets off if a tweet is blowing up that you don’t want to or if you just want to be able to control the conversation surrounding a particular tweet.

Similarly, Twitter is also planing to experiment with option to prevent Tweeters from mentioning you. Plus, sharing content with specific number of friends, hashtags and interest is also in Twitter's bucket list.

Photo: Guillaume Payen / SOPA Images/ LightRocket / Getty Images

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