How You Can Make Your Small Business Go Big On LinkedIn?

When you hear of the social media platform - LinkedIn, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A community of professionals, right? Then, why is it the fact that 30 million companies have joined LinkedIn but still small business owners tend to ignore or delay signing up?

First of all, you need to understand that LinkedIn is more of a professional tool than social media network. It becomes extremely effective when you want to promote your business, learn about the industry you operate in or if you wish to connect with relevant professional contemporaries.

To be precise, your LinkedIn community can be anything you want it to be, based on 660 million users who are present on the platform. In fact, if we go deep into the demographics then half of America’s college graduates use LinkedIn, 45% of the users belong to upper management in their organisations and nine out of ten executives love to log into LinkedIn for professional content.

The next most important question that comes to mind with all these important statistics is that how can small businesses benefit from such an opportunity. Well, your plans with LinkedIn should be more than that of selling your product or service. You should focus more on selling the idea of your business on the platform. This is because your combination of product niche, personal experience, and location does give you the limelight of being an expert in the relevant field and hence you or your brand eventually starts getting the right attention from the right people.

Once your profile gets the boost in the similar way, it works as an ideal medium if your business is more about B2B. However, you can benefit from the strategies while being in the B2C field as well since it gives you the chance to connect with consumers, businesses, and professionals with the impression of a serious player in your industry. The last but not the least or may be the only thing majority expect via LinkedIn is that you also get quality applicants who respond to your job ads.

The best part about LinkedIn starts as soon as you decide to be on the platform. Creating a profile on LinkedIn is absolutely free and easy just like other social media sites and to help you better in the cause, we have now also created a step by step guide about how you can make your LinkedIn profile a winner and achieve all the goals that are stated above.

All you will have to do is dedicate couple of hours in your day to Optimize your profile; regularly share valuable, relevant content; and we bet you will find your small business flourishing in no time.

For more insights on how to grow your brand presence on LinkedIn, take a look at this infographic, which comes courtesy of Headwaycapital.

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