Are you looking for hacks to maximize your Company Pages engagement? LinkedIn has it all covered for you!

Recently, LinkedIn shared a new list highlighting the ten most followed company pages on its platform and you probably guessed most of them already.

According to a recent release by LinkedIn, for any new business companies who are looking to maximize their company pages on the professional network, the following are the key points to keep in mind provided by LinkedIn based on the performance of world’s top organizations.

People prefer watching a few seconds video as compared to reading a text

According to Microsoft-owned network, the majority of the top pages on the platform are filled with content that displays videos. To have unique content, try running short-timed videos with unique content and also catchy captions to grab the attention of the audience.

Present yourself responsible socially as well

According to LinkedIn, companies that highlight social responsibilities on a daily basis on their company pages tend to build a better connection with their audience on the platform.

Adapt according to the demands of your audience

According to Kylee Lessard (Product Marketing Manager), people usually follow and do business with organizations that promote the same values as they require. Companies tend to increase their engagements by displaying a diverse amount of content according to the type of audiences.

Be transparent to build trust with users

LinkedIn stated that for a company to succeed a connection of trust with its users plays a vital role. Brands can increase their leads by displaying the type of employees they hire and the services they offer. Try collaborating with someone new to make people understand your hunt for new talent as they see what these organizations can do if they work with them professionally.

Be creative and innovative

Lastly, LinkedIn ends this discussion by stating that pages with more unique and creative strategies to implement plans help them stand out as leaders in the market of competitors.

According to LinkedIn, for any company to succeed being consistent with unique ideas and work can help create a reputation for any businesses. If you take a look at the world’s topmost followed pages on LinkedIn, you’ll realize that majority of these companies have resources to create unique content so this comparison might not be as good for small organizations as LinkedIn thinks. Despite this fact, the key points shared by LinkedIn can be really helpful for an organization to improve its on-platform performance and to engage a huge amount of audience in the upcoming years.

According to the listing by LinkedIn, these are the ten most followed company pages globally:

10. Facebook (4.4 million followers)

9. Accenture (4.4 million followers)

8. Nestlé (6 million followers)

7. Unilever (6.2 million followers)

6. IBM (6.4 million followers)

5. Microsoft (7.8 million followers)

4. LinkedIn (8.2 million followers)

3. Amazon (8.6 million followers

2. Google (12.1 million followers)

1. TED Conferences (12.5 million followers)

We think you guessed the majority of the companies already so it’s no surprise for you that most of the followed company pages were of tech companies, social media platforms, etc.

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