LinkedIn Releases Its Guiding Principles After Reaching Record User Numbers

A few years ago, LinkedIn was mostly just a joke even though a lot of people tended to use the platform. Mostly people ignored LinkedIn requests, but after the social media platform was acquired by Microsoft back in 2016, things have been changing quite rapidly.

One thing that has changed a lot has been the amount of users that LinkedIn has. Its userbase has increased by around 50% over the past few years ever since Microsoft acquired it, and it has increased its revenue as well. If you look at its growth in the US you would notice that it is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the country, and its growth also extends to places like India as well where it gained seven million users in a very short period of time.

All in all, LinkedIn now has 660 million users which is the highest numbers it has ever seen as far as its users are concerned, and a big part of the reason why LinkedIn has been seeing this success has to do with the stellar services that it provides to the various people that end up using it on a regular basis for a wide variety of reasons all in all.

In the wake of reaching its highest user count of all time, LinkedIn has released its guiding principles which are basically rules that it has set for itself with regards to the kind of user experience that it would provide to the various people that end up using it on a regular basis.

These guiding principles relate to things like transparency about data usage and control over this aspect of the experience, avoiding biases in its decisions, respecting laws without any compromises and also remaining a professional platform that would provide top quality services for its users. It seems that LinkedIn has pretty much nowhere to go but up.

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