How to Make a Website with Outstanding Design?

Want to have the top online store on the market? The design of your website, how it looks, its performance and convenience are significant if you want to outperform the competitors. If you don’t have a good and attractive online store, your business doesn’t exist for prospective customers. You need an eye-catching site where the customers will desire to come again.

Don’t know where to start? Let us help you out and share the features of the leading eCommerce platforms. You will know all web design solutions of each platform and pick the best for you.

What Ecommerce Platforms Provide Best Design?

Many business owners believe that they need a site only to sell goods, not to attract new customers. They don’t care how it looks. This way of thinking might be harmful to your online store. Having a bad site might be even worse than not having one at all.

Good design has a huge impact on your business. It should be outstanding since the first impression is very important. It is the only way to draw the attention of the users and keep them on the site. If you don’t catch an eye in 3 seconds, your visitors will choose a competitor.

A poor design might put off the visitors, and they will think you can’t do a good job since you can’t even make a decent website. While with a fascinating web design, your store will look professional to your customers. It will help to attract more visitors to view different pages on your site, who might become your customers further. Remember, your website acts for you and your business. You need to invest money in a website to impress the visitors and make them engaged. Having a modern design of the online store, your customers will be coming back for more.

A good web design also means that the site needs to be not only outstanding but also functional. If the site loads too long or continually crashes, visitors will notice it, leave the page and never come back again. Page speed optimization, responsive design, clear interface and more are essential for the online store. All the options have various modern CMS platforms.

To create a website, it is necessary to choose an eCommerce platform that will meet all the needs of a business owner. Various platforms provide tools to develop a functional site with clear interface and outstanding design what will help to boost sales and reach new markets. There are lots of different CMS platforms for sites’ development globally, and we are ready to share the most popular ones with you. We will consider all web design options of the platforms and tell you the truth about each. Read the article and find out the best web design solution for your successful business.


WooCommerce is one of the top open-source eCommerce platforms globally. The platform was developed by WordPress theme developer WooThemes, and now it is basically a WordPress plugin. WordPress is currently one of the leading CMS platforms and WooCommerce, being its plugin, has also gained its prominence over the last few years. Brands like GhostBed, All Blacks, Orange Amplification, Weber South Africa, Singer Australia, goodDYEyoung, and so on trust and use the CMS services.

So, why do many business owners use WooCommerce? The platform includes all of the functionality necessary to create an online store. It is a great solution since it is easy to use and requires basic skills or experience, especially if you understand WordPress.

WooCommerce Web Design options are intuitive and flexible. You can easily change the look of the store and see your tweaks in real-time. The platform offers 3 free themes:
  • Storefront. It is clean and simple by design theme, the perfect way to customize and match your brand and store.
  • Boutique. It is a simple, traditionally designed Storefront child theme, ideal for small stores or boutiques. It has a freshly updated design. It’s built upon Storefront and has a rock solid foundation and WooCommerce integration.
  • Deli. It is the perfect child theme built upon Storefront. It is the best solution for smaller businesses who try to show their identity and uniqueness online. The theme has natural color scheme and fascinating texts suitable for stores selling handmade products, health foods or even gardening equipment.
The platform provides all the tools to customize your WooCommerce store design. You can change headers, footers, fonts, colors, and layouts in your store, without touching code. Create a unique homepage and add a contact form, customer reviews, and a beautiful parallax hero component. For the tool you will pay 69$.

You can also buy various WooCommerce themes from 39$ to 79$. Paid themes include the Galleria theme for fashion stores, ProShop for sports clothes and equipment, Pharmacy for the health industry and many more. WooCommerce has all the necessary solutions for each type of business.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform for online stores and retail point-to-sail systems. It is known to be one of the best B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms. The system is logically structured and makes the process of the online store running simpler for startups. The Shopify platform is fully cloud-based and hosted, so you don't need to upgrade the software, as well as elements design and arrangement can be done with a live preview in the backend.

Shopify currently is one of the leaders in eCommerce and has lots of business clients globally. Brands like Magnolia, Good American, MVMT and many more enjoy Shopify services.

What web design solutions does Shopify offer? The company has an official marketplace - the Shopify Theme Store. In the store, you can find professional templates for electronic stuff, jewellery, fashion, art and more. It hosts a collection of over 70 premium and free ecommerce templates. All the themes include 2-3 styles, so Shopify provides the clients with a variety of themes. Premium themes can have over 3 styles and cost from 140$ to 180$. All themes on the Theme Store have:
  • Free theme updates
  • Social media icons
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Built-in styles and color palettes and more.
Shopify also offers option to customize your website. You can change a logo, fonts, colors of already made templates and add banners, slideshows and more to make your eCommerce online store look exactly like you want it to. This customization solution is well suited to small growing businesses, while top brands are likely to look for other more powerful ecommerce solutions that provide even more customization opportunities.


Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform which is popular among retailers globally. It is recognized as one of the leading CMS and the main competitor of top eCommerce solutions. The platform is considered to be a corporate-level agency which creates sites for medium and large businesses. But small stores also enjoy top-notch Magento tools and services.

Magento is a perfect platform for online stores with a high development aspiration. Brands like HP, Helly Hansen, Canon, Monin, Nike, Jack Daniel’s, Ahmad Tea, and so on trust and use the CMS services regularly.

Magento web design tools are the top solution if you want to have an eye-catching site with a clear and functional interface. The company has the Magento Ecommerce Marketplace, where you can find free and premium themes. But the choice is quite limited. Magento has 1 free theme - Free Absolute Template - which offers lots of options to fit your eCommerce requirements. It is easy to adjust and responsive theme and suitable for either small businesses or long-established stores. There are over 10 premium templates with far more options. Depending on the set of options, you will pay for it from 25$ to 499$.

As you have seen, there is a lack of web design solutions in the Magento Ecommerce Marketplace. But there are lots of third-party marketplaces that offer different kinds of Magento themes. There you can find various themes for sport and fashion stores, jewellery, grocery, pharmacy, electronics and many other online stores. Themes will cost from 50$ up to 400$ depending on the marketplace platform.

Magento is a very powerful eCommerce solution, so industry leaders and top brands usually enjoy the Magento services and tools. Using the platform, we get a variety of options necessary to create a fascinating and profitable online store. So, if you are ready to pay a lot for Magento, try the platform and its web design tools for your online store.


BigCommerce is a SaaS-based eCommerce platform to sell goods and services online. It provides platforms for small, middle-level and large online stores, facilitates startups development and scales online businesses growth. BigCommerce has a variety of customizable templates to help you design your store. You can use it to sell different kind of goods either digital or physical, as well as enjoy various tools to help you market your online store.

Over the years, it has won popularity with merchants from 120+ countries and is currently considered one of the top-notch online retail solutions. BigCommerce client list includes such global enterprises and famous brands as Gibson Guitars, Kodak, Toyota, Jeep People, Natori and more.

But why do many top brands choose BigCommerce web design tools? It is a great solution to create a beautiful, intuitive eCommerce website that increases the brand’s popularity and engages customers. The BigCommerce Marketplace has a variety of free website themes. There you can find over 80 themes. The library has either free or premium templates with visually stunning designs for catalogs and major companies. There are lots of premium themes which costs range from 144$ to 250$, and each theme has 4 styles. BigCommerce also has over 10 free templates - Roots Original, LifeStyle Default, Vault Cool - and each includes up to 4 styles to choose. All free themes on the BigCommerce Marketplace have:
  • Storefront CSRF Protection
  • Persistent Cart
  • Product Videos
  • Free Customer Support
  • Free Theme Upgrades
  • Complex Search Filtering and more.
BigCommerce also has an intuitive storefront editor suitable to change the site's design with no coding required. You can also use a theme framework to build a custom online store.

The platform allows to develop sites easy and fast. You can use your live product catalog, quickly test or make changes, and simultaneously preview your site across mobile, desktop and tablet. The company has web design solutions for all types of online stores, and whether you have a huge store or a small growing brand, you can always find a theme for you.


PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce platform with over 300,000 online stores running on the solution. The platform has impressive functionality and is easy to customize. It is perfect for large, medium and small types of businesses. It is also a good solution to run a store internationally since PrestaShop is translated into over 70 languages.

PrestaShop is one of the most successful open-source projects. Their famous online stores include K-way, La Redoute, Actafor, Cooltra, Maniac-Auto, NMX-Diffusion and more.

Professional design of your online store is essential for the customers. But what are the benefits of the PrestaShop web design? The platform combines multiple inbuilt features and interesting design opportunities. It helps to create an eye-catching online store that stands out among the competitors.

The platform provides over 3,900 PrestaShop themes. It is convenient to filter designs by categories:
  • Fashion and Shoes
  • Food and Restaurant
  • Drink and Tobacco
  • Health and Beauty
  • Lingerie and Adult
  • Gifts, Flowers and Celebrations and more.
You can also pick theme language, colors, rating, included functionalities, structure and e-merchants reviews.

PrestaShop allows using various ready-made themes with lots of features like Image Zoom Effect, Custom Number of Columns, Background Video and more. The platform has many free and paid themes. The cheapest ones are Sting, Nimble Grid which cost €59, while the most expensive - Food Store - costs €250.

The platform is also open for different customizations if the clients want to have an online store with unique design leaving the competitors behind. PrestaShop Custom Design tools are easy to navigate and help to make the checkout process as clear as possible.


Web design is essential since it impacts the way your customers view the brand. They judge your store by a website and decide whether to buy something or leave the page and turn to a competitor. So, a clear and functional eCommerce CMS with good web design tools is a key to a profitable online store. I hope that this article helped you to pick the right platform that meets not only your price and maintenance expectations but also the demands and needs of your store.
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