Google Tests a New Button On Its Desktop Web Version

Google has been one of the pioneers when it comes to introducing new features and running tests to make their products as effective as possible. Multiple times Google has implemented various features and then designed special products according to the feedback of the users. In a recent attempt to add something innovative for the users, Google has tested adding a 'Clear' button on their desktop web version.

There are multiple times when users have experienced that while searching for something, Google finds relevant things that are not precisely related to the searched keyword, in this situation the user can click on the clear button in the search box and simply move to the next query. This button has been tested to help the user save time and effort. Although it is not sure if Google is looking to make it a permanent part of the user interface design or they are going to change it soon. We believe this added button will change the way people search their queries and this will have a huge impact on the way people search the information.

The Clear button on the search engine is not a unique feature, there is already a similar "X" (cross) option available for smartphone users where they can remove their written text with just one tap. This is not the first time Google has tried hanging their user interface by adding fun new design and extra features, previously in march, Google changed the UI by making the search engine bar shaped like a pill with round corners. Where some of the tested features have been immediately moved, some have stayed and provided valuable user search-related information.

The feature has not yet been made available for all web users but soon everyone will be able to see it, only if Google thinks it's valuable. The Clear button so far has been loved by all, the only question is what is Google looking to achieve through these changes and is the feature going to stay. We have high hopes that this feature will make its way into the list of permanent features however, details are still unknown.

Screenshot: 9to5Google.

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