Mark Zuckerberg is declaring TikTok as a threat to democracy when he failed to purchase its predecessor

We all know that for six months Mark Zuckerberg tried to purchase the predecessor of chines lip-syncing app named and when the Chinese tech giant ByteDance rejected Facebook’s proposal to merge and instead merged with its own app to create new viral video app TikTok it is being accused as a threat to democracy by Zuckerberg. According to various sources, it is confirmed that back in 2016 Facebook spend the second half of the year in an attempt to purchase the app named just to enter into the Chinese market and even though the talks were pretty serious but they never came to a conclusion at all. In 2017, was bought by ByteDance and according to a report by Bloomberg, Facebook walked out stating concerns regarding the young user base of the app and the Chinese ownership.

Remarks by Mark Zuckerberg on TikTok and China

According to recent reports, the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is directly giving warnings to people regarding the TikTok and criticizing the viral video platform for censoring the content to its users and only displaying the content that pleases the Chinese government. After not being able to purchase the app now Facebook CEO is alarming users against TikTok and China.

In October, Zuckerberg stated that the services provided by WhatsApp are being used by protestors and activists from all over the world due to its strong encryption and privacy protections to its users while on the other hand TikTok even though the app is growing quickly in all over the world but this Chinese-based app is censoring the same protests even in the US. Zuckerberg also started asking the audience if this restricted type of internet is what they actually want where even their protests are being censored.

The US senators are beginning to scrutinize TikTok and ByteDance and even this month a Senate hearing involving China and Big tech was empty-chaired.

Are all alarming accusations of Zuckerberg are just because he failed to enter the Chinese market?

According to the sources, the attacks by Zuckerberg on TikTok are mostly motivated just because he failed to purchase the app himself. According to a former Facebook employee, these attacks by Zuckerberg are made just because he is so pissed that he can’t beat TikTok and is now using geopolitical arguments and lawmakers in Washington to fight this battle.

Instagram launched a new feature similar to TikTok

In Brazil, Instagram recently launched a short-form video feature named as Reels which is being recognized as a clone of TikTok and when a TechCrunch editor named Josh called this new feature as remarkably decent TikTok clone the boss of Instagram retweeted the tweet praising the choice of word remarkably decent TikTok clone.

Even though there is no official response from TikTok itself regarding the attacks by Zuckerberg but a Facebook representative responded to the BuzzFeed report by stating that Facebook always wanted its services in China just to connect with the whole world but when failed to an agreement now the platform is speaking out and standing up for the value they believe in.

Photo: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

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