Google Might Remove URLs From Search Results

A big part of Google’s modus operandi over the past year or so has been cleaning up the visual aspects of its various properties. With tab groupings being tested out and a new color palette being implemented across the board, Google seems to be trying to go for a more minimal aesthetic as well as to make it easier for you to navigate its numerous properties without having to deal with the clutter that comes with using these services all in all.

The latest update that Google is testing out is potentially going to end up changing the manner in which you are able to see Google search results in a really big way. Whereas previously your search results appeared with the website name on top and a URL below, now according a Reddit thread, Google is testing out search results that will dispense with URLs entirely.

Google is Testing Search Results Without Domain Names

It is understandable why Google would want to do this. After all, in many ways the appearance of URLs in search results is somewhat redundant when you consider the fact that you can just click on the link in order to be redirected to the web page.

Google has been moving in this direction for quite some time now. The first hint that it was going to go for a sans URL route was the introduction of breadcrumbs to the platform, something that became a replacement of sorts for the addition of URLs.

There are a number of advantages to this update which Google is currently testing out. One obvious advantage is that search results are simply going to look a lot better now, along with streamlining the results page so that only necessary items are viewed there. Some would criticize this, though, saying that URLs are necessary for the user experience and to avoid phishing crooks and copy-caters.
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