From rectangular box to pill-shaped, a look at how Google's search field changed its form over the course of 2 decades

Internet users got a good look at Google’s new Material Theme elements, brought specifically for its search feature, in November. Initially, these elements were brought only for desktop web, but they were soon ported to the mobile versions too.

Fast-forward to the current day, a pill-shaped (standard fields with rounded sides) search field can be seen on the Google homepage. Thus, it can be believed that the process of visually redesigning the biggest search engine in the world, is now finally complete.

Google's new search field design is what everyone has been asking for since its inception!

In case you haven’t been following this redesigning process, it was first brought into prominence when Google presented the first Material Theme elements to Search on the results page. It included a pill-shaped search field located at the upper portion of the browser window. The field expanded, due to which a rounded list of auto-complete suggestions would keep on generating as the users typed their search queries.

The introduction of these elements proved to be quite convenient as it allowed users to scroll down while the Google logo, search bar along with other couple of things would still remain glued (as a sticky bar) to their initial positions. This helped in saving time as the users didn’t have to scroll above before typing a new query. In addition to that, rounded Knowledge Graph cards as well as carousels were also introduced.

In the midst of these improvements, the search bar on Google homepage remained the exact same…until recently, when it was turned into pill-shaped too.

Google home page adds Material Theme search bar on web

The new search field displays thin gray-colored outlines when the field is inactive. Once the user initiates the typing process, the outlines give a shadowy impression. In addition to that, the “Google Search” and “I’m Feeling Lucky” buttons have also been given a minor rounded touch. The new design was also extended to the Image Search.

Although, the Material Theme elements were initially introduced for desktop webs, the rounded redesign was first seen on mobile web's Search feature. Android’s Google app rolled it out recently. 2 days ago, the new and improved design finally found its way to the desktop web in entirety too.
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