Users Might Start Seeing Recommended Posts Tab on LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has been seeing a huge surge in popularity over the last year or so and this has lead to the platform trying to incorporate a lot more features into the mix that are ostensibly going to allow it to maximize its profit margins and make the most of the kind of user base that it has managed to attract by this point in time.

Anyone that has worked in the field of social media will know that in order for a platform to find enduring, widespread success it will have to focus on the kind of content it provides to its various users all in all. For the most part looking into content is going to be a safe bet for a company, and when we talk about content we don’t necessarily mean things like entertaining videos and the like.

Posts are also an important form of content, and redirecting users to the right kinds of posts is the sort of thing that will help a social media platform achieve a much greater level of popularity than might have been possible for it before.

It seems that LinkedIn is aware of this since the social networking giant is now going to focus on a new feature in groups, namely a tab where users can go through recommended posts. According to Jane Manchun Wong (an app researcher), LinkedIn is currently testing this feature out, and it’s quite exciting to imagine the various applications that this feature can have in the wider context of the kind of its growing popularity

It’s important to note that a lot of people mainly use LinkedIn for the purposes of trying to maximize their professional network, and finding recommended posts is probably really going to help a lot of users achieve this sort of thing all in all, thereby giving LinkedIn even more potential for growth in the near future.

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