Amid Massive Success, TikTok finds itself as a Subject of Investigation

In terms of popularity, TikTok is on a whole new level currently. The uncrowned successor of Vine allows people to share different types of videos. In 2017, it was purchased by the Chinese company ByteDance. It seemed like everything was going smoothly but Reuters recently shared something interesting.

The media house said that US is now investigating ByteDance. Much detail isn’t available as of this moment but the common belief is that the investigation is focused on suspected censorship and collection of user data.

User data has become quite a sensitive topic when it comes to social media platforms. Facebook’s relevant controversies have caused people to become concerned regarding their data on other platforms as well.

With TikTok gaining notoriety, people are now using it for creating short comedy sketches and other kinds of videos as well. Therefore, the subject of user data has to be taken up by someone sooner rather than later to avoid any issues in the long-run.

Priori Data recently published an analysis that shows the countries where TikTok has been downloaded the most. India and USA are leading the chart with 190.6 million and 41.0 million downloads respectively across iOS and Android (the video sharing app is also popular in Turkey, Russia and Pakistan). The vast difference is understandable, considering that India is TikTok’s main market.

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