YouTube is Reportedly Working on New Settings to Resolve Various Content-related Concerns!

Over the last few years, YouTube has gotten so big that it has become a career choice for many. To be honest, advertisers’ interest and involvement in the platform has made it possible. Popular YouTubers have now become some of the most sought after influencers. However, this doesn’t change the fact that there are some concerns regarding the video sharing service that need to be addressed and (hopefully) resolved.

It’s known that various highly followed YouTube artists’ content caters to young kids. Therefore, it is required that their content is suitable for such an audience. To ensure this, YouTube is working on settings that will require the Creators to acknowledge whether their channel as well as the videos they upload is suitable for kids or not. If not suitable for kids, they will be asked if their content can only be viewed by 18+.

This development was first spotted by renowned App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter. She also tweeted a screenshot of these new settings. In the screenshot, it is shown that Kids’ content is subject to COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) and other laws.

Wong also tweeted about another option that is in the works currently. We are referring to the “Only linked Google Ads accounts can use my videos as ads” option. Once rolled out successfully, it will appear in the Advertisement section in the settings, if the screenshot shared by Wong is any indication.

The addition of this option can save Creators from having their Content turned into Ads without their permission by anyone except for linked Google Ads customers. Wong mentioned in one of her tweets about how Marques Brownlee once had a review video of his turned into an ad without his authorization. To enable the option mentioned above, Creators will have to mark it as it won’t be marked by default (shady!).

As of now, it isn’t known when we will be able to see these options live. However, we will keep you updated in case there’s any development in this story.

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