Searching for strategies to get more views on YouTube videos? This research reveals some fascinating insights

YouTube is a platform of huge opportunities for people from all over the world. We see a variety of videos from various influencers and content creators to help bring new information for their users.

One of the major problems faced by all of the content creators is the number of views on their videos. To generate revenue, YouTube content creators need to have millions of views on the videos and content plays a very crucial part in it.

Recently, Pew Research Center collected data of popular YouTube channels with more than 250,000 subscribers since 2018 and analyzed the content of the videos posted by these channels in the first week of January 2019. Pew collected the data from these YouTube channels to analyze their content that receives most views as compared to others.

The result drawn from the analysis of different YouTube channels is that videos with kids receive three times more views as compared to videos without kids. Videos including children under the age of 13 receive more love from subscribers than others. According to the report, maximum content from the YouTube channels was without children but the small number of videos including children received triple times more views on average.

10% of Channels Created 70% of all videos posted by popular channels:

Popular YouTube channels are leveraging content around video games

Videos for children – as well as those featuring children – received a large number of views during the study period relative to other topical categories

Response from the team of YouTube

In response to the report by Pew Research Center, the company stated that usually, the most popular category consists of comedy, music, sports or “how-to” categories but still using kids in the videos to attract an audience is a new strategy used by content creators.

One of the largest channels on YouTube is The Ace Family with more than 16 million subscribers within past 3 years. Even Jake Paul, a YouTube Vloggers used the strategy of using a kid in video and invited the whole family to live in his house. According to content creators, this is a new way to generate more revenue within less time.

The use of kids in videos is adorable no doubt in that but sometimes the access of a kid’s lifestyle on YouTube makes them vulnerable to multiple predators. So to prevent any such mishap, YouTube is trying to introduce multiple policies to prevent any such activity. They also disable the comments sections on videos that usually feature kids in it.

Although for kids there is a separate and safe platform named YouTube Kids but still they are trying different policies to even prevent any sort of issues faced by children under the age of 13 on YouTube.

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