Now Watch a Tutorial to Perform Search on Google, Video Tutorial Bubbles Appear in the Search App as a Result of a New Test by Google

Google keeps on introducing new features for its users to help them get the best experience. This is the only reason why we see an improved version of Google, often. Not just dozens but Google has introduced hundreds new features in the past few years that have made searching something easier than before.

Talking about improvements, what is Google testing now?

You must know someone who is new to the Internet world as not everyone is equipped with high-technology to make it possible. Be it, your mother, your father, your aunt, grandma or anyone; there must be a person who must have recently joined the Internet. If you know someone then you must be aware of teaching them how to use Google, what is Google and other stuff.

Google is trying to make your life easier by answering these questions itself. The new test by Google includes three tutorial bubbles at the bottom of the search engine from where you can watch “find what you need”, “ask the assistant”, and “explore topics” videos.

By clicking on any of the bubbles, you will be directed to watch a video that might help you to learn Google more quickly. Currently, this is the only aspect that we could come up with to find the advantage of this new test, however, Google can better clear it.

For many, the test might seem unnecessary but for others, it can be of significant importance. According to Androidpolice, currently, the test is limited to certain regions but is expected to be expanded to other countries in the coming weeks.

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