Controversial Content Reporting: A new program by YouTube is currently under testing phase and we are looking forward to it

YouTube is currently testing a new program specifically designed to help creators self-report the content that they find controversial for the platform. This new program is specifically designed to build a relationship of trust between creators and the platform. With this new program, YouTube wants to enable its creator to report their own content if they find it not according to YouTube policies.

YouTube has always been surrounded by scandals due to controversial content on its platform related to videos of extremism and child exploitation whereas the largest video search engine was also accused of shutting down the video of creators from earning revenue due to its various rules of demonetization.

According to YouTube Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan (who was recently Interviewed by Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch Disrupt SF), the company is currently testing a new program to address all the issues faced by creators of the platforms. This new idea is an attempt by YouTube to experiment with the ‘Self-certification’ program that enables video creators with the ability to self-report to YouTube about the content they promote in their videos and if any of the swearing or other controversial content is available in their videos. This new program is an attempt by YouTube to know about the creators following the guidelines of the platform for monetization and which creators fail to do that.

We all know that no one knows about their content better than the creators so with this program creators can the platform about the type of content they promote through their videos and this can help make the platform trust the creators more.

This new program will only operate on trust, YouTube will perform audits and other checks to prevent any sort of abuse but if a creator violates the trust of the platform and violates its policies, it will be very hard for them to be a part of this program anymore.

Scandals faced by YouTube in the past

YouTube always had trouble preventing creators from abusing its services. In the past, YouTube failed to prevent the spread of misinformation which resulted in various pedophiles finding child-related content.

According to YouTube, through this new program, the platform will also enable its creators to know about the reason behind the demonetization of their videos. Currently, the program is under the testing phase but we are really looking forward to a more actual model of the program.

In the past years, YouTube faced a lot of backlash from advertisers due to its toxic content displayed on the platform. In 2017, multiple brands protested and boycotted with YouTube because their ads were displayed alongside extremist videos and this scandal rose in the creator community as ‘adpocalypse’.

YouTube also faced a lot of criticism due to its more broadly deals with content creators on the platform and in August a group of creators also demanded more transparency from the platform on its demonetization decisions.

In last month, YouTube was accused again due to its verification program. Initially, the platform stated to completely remove subscription numbers from the user accounts but now after some videos of complaints from creators, YouTube stated that the creators currently verified won’t be losing their status.

This new rollout of verification badge was expected to start next month but due to some anonymous issues, it is delayed until next year.

Photo: Techcrunch.

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