Facebook Might be Relegating Group Stories to Instagram

One of the main focuses for Facebook as of late has been reestablishing itself as a community centered platform that fosters the forming of connections among people, and one way in which it has been doing so has involved pushing the group feature as much as possible. They have been modifying Facebook Groups and adding a lot more features to them, with one of the most notable features being added to Groups being the Group Story which basically creates a collaborative story that each member of the group would be able to contribute to.

In spite of the fact that Facebook really pushed this feature quite a bit in an attempt to popularize it amongst the various users that would potentially have been interested in it, most of these users did not seem to like the new feature all that much. As a result, Facebook scrapped it saying that they wanted to focus on facilitating conversations between members of Groups rather than distracting from this by making them contribute to Group stories, and so the feature saw an early demise with many saying that this was a sign that it would never come back again.

While the feature may never return to Facebook, it seems like the social media giant may be relegating it to Instagram. Instagram is less about conversations about more about visual representations of activities that you are taking part in, and a collaborative group story feature may be crucial to making this easier to facilitate all in all.

This is why the group stories feature will be coming to Instagram, and according to Jane Manchun Wong, it seems like the image sharing platform is currently testing a beta version of the feature out in order to prepare for the final launch. Through this feature, Instagrammers will be able to share photos or videos to a Group Story, and from there they can choose to send it to their close friends or a Group. It is currently unknown when the feature will be launched in its full capacity for as many users of the platform as possible.

Instagram Group Stories

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