You Can Now Auto Delete YouTube Search History

Earlier this year Google started incorporating an auto delete feature into its properties. This was done in an attempt to preserve user privacy which is something that tech companies have started to place a great deal of emphasis on since users have started to become a lot more savvy about the rather lax policies that tech companies used to have regarding their data which lead to numerous data breaches as well as compromised security across the board in a wide variety of internet based services that are used on a regular basis.

Now you can toggle settings to make it so that your YouTube search history ends up getting purged on a regular basis as well. You will be able to select how often you want this data to be deleted and this would help ensure that you don’t have to worry about a long list of your searches existing on a database somewhere.

It should be noted that incognito mode makes it so that none of your search history ends up being saved at all, which is definitely going to be useful for a lot of people out there who don’t want any of their data being logged in this manner. However, if you use incognito mode exclusively this could potentially mean that you won’t get any of the personalized services that you end up receiving if Google has some kind of a record of how you tend to use the internet.

Since some people would definitely prefer a personalized experience while they are using the internet, auto delete offers them the best of both worlds. They get frequent relief from the storage of personal data while also getting a lot more personalization to enjoy while they are surfing the various websites that the internet currently has to offer.

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