WhatsApp is working on a feature that could prevent unwanted group invitations

We all are fond of digital media platforms. We are among the generation that prefers communication over internet as compared to others. People nowadays prefer digital platforms because they provide more discretion to users in a way they want it. We still remember how the first Website was launched on the internet and now the internet has millions of websites running. Every passing second a new technology is introduced and people change along with those upgradations. Nowadays people don’t want to go real markets to buy clothes or ask friends for suggestions instead they visit websites online to purchase products and see hundreds of available videos recommended for the type of products they need.

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that boasts millions of users on a daily basis. Facebook and its owned apps (including Instagram and Whatsapp) provides hundreds of opportunities to people every day. We all rely on WhatsApp for almost every type of conversation nowadays, whether it is intimate conversations with our loved ones or some formal discussion with our boss or customers.

No matter how much we love to talk to friends and family via WhatsApp but still it becomes a kind of annoying when you get added in unknown WhatsApp group by numbers you don’t even know about. It is totally fine when our loved ones add us in some mutual friend groups chats but it becomes annoying when a total unknown contact adds us in an anonymous community.

New feature soon to be introduced by WhatsApp

A new group blacklist feature for WhatsApp is under the testing phase currently. The reports from WABetaInfo states that WhatsApp is currently working on a new Group Privacy Blacklist feature specifically designed to prevent the unwanted group invitations. Some WhatsApp users of India might already have this new feature of group privacy settings.

Previous group privacy features could only prevent all users from automatically inviting users to groups but this new Group Privacy Blacklist function is likely to reply to the previous option and this new setting will be named as “My contacts except…” This new option will enable WhatsApp users to blacklist a variety of contacts from inviting them to groups and providing others access to invite you to group invites. When the group invites are blocked for certain contacts, the WhatsApp users will receive a private invitation through individual chat providing users the chance to whether to join or ignore the group invitation. This new update in the group privacy setting will also allow users to block group invitation from all of their contacts.

According to our sources, WhatsApp is currently implementing this feature in beta versions of its iOS and Android apps but there is still no official announcement regarding this new feature. Earlier this year, WhatsApp did announce about the implementation of new group privacy settings for its users and also stated that it is expected to roll out soon and we are really looking forward to it.

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