Is Whatsapp Business App Becoming a Hub for Sending Users Unwanted Promotional Messages?

The main reason why people prefer WhatsApp over SMS and email is because it doesn’t flood them with spam/unnecessary promotional messages. However, this might change as WhatsApp Business (version of the app created solely for businesses) gains prominence.

As of now, WhatsApp Business is available in several regions. The reason behind its introduction was to help small businesses in easily connecting with their clients and customers. This version of the app has many features that the regular version doesn’t i.e. Automated Messages, Quick Replies and Away Messages.

Now however, Businesses are starting to increase their presence in the lives of their customers but not only regarding the services they have subscribed to. These businesses are also notifying their customers about other offers and plans without any prior consent. Although it doesn’t sound too inconvenient, there can be much more in store.

WhatsApp Business hasn’t become a big deal yet and is slowly making its way to the top. If the past is any indication, WhatsApp Business might start spamming users with advertisement messages if it becomes a premier messaging platform (as it happened with emails and SMS in the past).

It’s not only the Business version of the app that is raising eyebrows. There is spamming (to some extent) in the main app as well.

While there is no doubt that there will be ways to block or report such messages, their efficiency in stopping those messages completely would be questionable. Moreover, many users don’t prefer to spare time and follow up to unsubscribe such spam messages.

Is Whatsapp Business App Becoming a Spammers Hub?
Screenshot: Twitter / Pathak_somesh

Moreover, the matter of security is also being brought up. WhatsApp assured users that it would provide end-to-end encryption for the communications taking place on the Business version of the app. However, users are concerned that their personal data could be used for promotional purposes.

Recently, a WhatsApp spokesperson said that the app’s aim is for people to see only those messages that are important to them. Therefore, with the single tap of a button, they can block businesses from messaging them.

Long story short, people choose WhatsApp over other messaging services because of its simplicity. However, this might change as WhatsApp Business becomes more popular. Only time will tell how everything unfolds.

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