Do you know how many domains exist today? Let’s take you on the memory lane of Websites

The generation of 1990 is the one experiencing it all. The youth now see the internet as a medium that they can access easily without much hard work. Whereas the generation of 1990 sees this internet as an evolving technology. If you’re among the generation of 90's you will still remember about the internet dial cards that you used to buy to use the internet on your computer. Yes, this is the generation that knows about the hard works behind this internet technology.

Let’s take you back to the time when the first WorldWideWeb (W3) was introduced. On August 6th, 1991, British physicist Time Berners-Lee in Switzerland launched the first-ever website in the history named WorldWideWeb (W3). During the year of 1991, it was the first and only website launched over the internet. By the end of 1992, more than ten websites were launched. In 1993, CERN made the W3 technology accessible on a royalty-free basis and during that time 130 more online websites were launched.

With the launch of WorldWideWeb, technology and the internet started to evolve gradually, moving forward to a new destiny. In 1994, 3 thousand more sites were available on the internet which also included Yahoo! originally called ‘Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web’ started its online journey as a web directory.

In 1998, Google was launched as the revolutionary product of the internet and by that time more than two million domains were already available on the internet. In 2004, the technology evolved and a new website was introduced named ‘Facebook’ and at that time more than 51.6 million websites were available online. In the following year after Facebook, YouTube was launched. Step by step and year by year technology grew a bit more, evolved a bit more. The time when Instagram was released in 2010, there were 238 million domains already accessible online. Every passing year new technology comes and replaces the old version, sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not but usually, people end up evolving along with these new technologies. Between the year of 2017 to 2019, the number of websites reduced from 1.76 billion to 1.71 billion in 2019 but if you look at the Internet Live Stats counter you will discover a huge increase at a very fast rate.

Different companies try to bring new technologies every once in a while but it’s always good to know about tech history and that is why we’re here to help you learn about the forefathers of World wide web services.

The chart below, courtesy of Statista, highlights the number of websites online from 1991 to till date.

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