Tune Your Home Feed: Pinterest Launches New Features to Help Users gain more Control over Recommended Pins

Pinterest has launched a new option, which will let you control your home feed in a much better manner. All this time, Pinterest users have been facing the issue of being spammed with the pictures that they do not wish to see. So, now the case is different.

If you do not wish to see an image on your feed then all you have to do is to turn off the recommendations for certain topics. So simple, eh?
With the home feed tuner you can: Toggle home feed recommendations on and off, Flip on or off if you want to see more ideas, Receive recommendations for secret boards
Pinterest users can access home feed tuner by simply visiting this page pinterest.com/edit. This feature will enable the users to stop seeing Pins from the topic that they do not have any interest in.

In a blog post, Pinterest team also announced a new Pin-level control feature.

"If you ever see a Pin in your feed and wonder how it got there - you’re in luck. Now you can tap on the “...” (3 dot button) under any Pin to see why you are seeing the Pin and to give feedback if you don’t like it. You can also share feedback on why you’ve hidden a Pin so we can learn not to show you similar ones in the future.", explained Pinterest. Adding further, "The new features are available globally and across platforms."

This feature might remind you of the “I don’t want to see this ad” option by Facebook or other social media apps. Facebook also allows you to control the type of advertisements you see on your feed.

You can easily switch off the ads that you don’t wish to see on your profile, however, Facebook still does not give you complete control over this.

On the other hand, Pinterest is giving the key in your hand and making you in charge of opening and closing the doors for irreverent content.

This will help users to get an amazing on-platform experience and get joy while they spend their time on Pinterest.

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