WhatsApp is Experimenting With Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp is the single most popular instant messaging platform in the world, surpassing text messaging as the primary way in which people exchange text based messages with one another. As a result of its widespread popularity, WhatsApp has enacted a few features that are meant to legitimize its position as the medium through which so many people communicate with each other on a regular basis, and one update, as spotted by WABetaInfo that might be coming soon involves self destructing messages which are basically messages that will delete themselves shortly after they have been viewed by the intended recipient.

A lot of messaging applications have had this feature for quite some time. Snapchat, a major competitor for a lot of Facebook owned entities including WhatsApp, has disappearing messages as its default setting. However, the purpose for WhatsApp offering this feature involves making it easier for people to share sensitive information with one another, information that they would not want other people looking at apart from the intended recipient. Facebook has offered this kind of feature on its Messenger app for quite some time now, so it makes sense that it would be bringing it to WhatsApp as well in order to make its users feel more secure while they are exchanging messages with one another.

The current iteration of this feature is quite simplistic in its design, but that is mostly due to the reason that it is in development stage. Once a few modifications are made and this feature is released to the general public, the finished product is probably going to look and function a lot better than the demo version that we are looking in screenshots. Although some would argue that this would facilitate the sharing of compromising information among individuals, most would agree that this would add a bit more security to your text messaging experience which is something that a lot of people are going to appreciate quite a bit.

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