Soon creators can also review the comments that YouTube automatically mark as inappropriate

The potentially unethical comments will now be automatically held for creators to review and report them accordingly. YouTube is the largest online video streaming platform that is a home for millions of creators from all over the world. For a majority of creators, the comments on their content play a vital role in YouTube experience and the comment section of any creator also displays the way they respond to the comments, connect with them or grow their audience. The Google-owned platform always tries to make the experience of its users worthwhile and for that purpose it usually removes comments from the platforms that violate the policies but along with that YouTube also provides various tools for creators to enable them to bring help for the platform against spam comments and so that they modify their conversation with their commentators on the platform accordingly.

In 2017, YouTube released a beta version of a feature that helps creators managing the potentially inappropriate comments on the channels. This feature can automatically detect comments including spam, self-promotion and other variety of potential harmful comments like taunts, etc. But this feature will not remove the detected comment automatically and instead the comments will be held in YouTube Studio for channel owners to select whether to approve, hide or report the detected comments. There was a drop of 75% in comment flags when this feature was first introduced to creators and over the last two years, YouTube teams focused on expanding the services of this feature by covering more than 13 languages and also improve accuracy as well.

In an attempt by YouTube to give its users the best experience and to help creators manage their comments and improve their public conversations on their channels, soon this beta version feature will be becoming the default in the setting for all channels. According to Jordan from Team YouTube, this new tool is all meant to save time for creators and to make it easy for them to manage the comments and improve conversations on the channels. Creators can also turn off this feature in Community settings at any time they want but with this feature enabled; creators will be helping YouTube in creating a healthy platform for all users.

In the following months, this update will be officially rolling out. When the new settings will be enabled in the channels, creators will receive a new message in their YouTube Studio and start using it today creators can also enable it themselves.

If a creator doesn’t want to see any of the potentially inappropriate comments on their videos, they can easily ignore them completely by leaving them under the unreviewed category in ‘held for review’ tab. The comments not reviewed by the creator won’t be affecting the performance of the creator videos at all.

Bottom Line

YouTube always tries to stop the spread of comments related to misinformation or hate on the platform. Although this new feature is all meant to spot the potentially harmful comments for the community but there also some loopholes in it like it might detect some comments in the Studio that might not need to be reviewed at all or sometimes this feature might also omit comments that were potentially inappropriate. Creators can also send the feedback related to this new feature Sending feedback option from their YouTube Studio.

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