Instagram is Reportedly Bringing Back Map View in Saved Collections!

Over the last decade, several social media services have gained prominence. Due to this, the competition is at an all-time high currently. Therefore, in order for a service to remain relevant and keep its consumers invested, it needs to keep on evolving and rolling out new and exciting features.

Well, it looks like Instagram is surely striving to remain ahead of the competition. The Facebook-owned media sharing service has been continuously working on cool features and updates for its userbase. News of the latest one was broken by renowned App Researcher Jane Manchun Wong.

Wong tweeted about Instagram testing map view in Saved Collections. She also attached a screenshot with her tweet in which it can be seen that all places that the user would save will appear highlighted in the map. Also, images of those particular locations will be accessible.

News of the above mentioned feature being tested has been positively received by the Instagram userbase. These users pointed out the importance of this feature and that Instagram already had it before but it was taken down.

As of now, extra details aren’t known about how much different would this feature be from its earlier versions. Users are also demanding for it to be publicly shareable. Until it gets officially rolled out, it’s better for us to keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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