Facebook Removes Group Stories Option All Of A Sudden

It’s been quite a while since Facebook started obsessing over making Stories as an integral part of the platform. Mark Zuckerberg and his company has always believed that Stories is the future as it gives an immersive reality experience which has always been loved in the social media world.

But, wait! This one news is actually opposite to all that is being stated above - Facebook has officially shut down stories, with effect from 26th September 2019. After the due date, no one among the members of a group would be allowed to post any story and the existing one would also eventually be deleted.

If any of the group members or admin for that matter, misses the feature so much then unfortunately its time for you to shift back to personal stories or you can share the similar content in the group as an open post now.

There is one good part of the news and that relates to the fact that you can still watch all the stories that you have in archives, but you won’t be able to re-share it. Moreover, for all the admins out there, if you have got a lot of stories in your pending list, there is nothing to worry anymore as Facebook will delete them all for you so that you don’t get to offend any group member in the matter.

The group story feature will be deleted at 9 AM sharp on 26th September.

Facebook will still roll out with more filters and features in Stories, that now would only be allowed to pages and profiles, because in the end as the company aims to gather more people on the platform, Stories can be their best bet in that matter.

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