Facebook Launches Stories For Groups And Its Members

Ever since Snapchat first introduced the feature, Stories has been something that Facebook has been very envious of. This is clear from the way they have tried to incorporate the feature into pretty much every single platform they have. Instagram is understandable as is Facebook to some extent, but even WhatsApp now has a stories feature.

It seems like Facebook does not have any intention of stopping because they are incorporating Stories even further into their platform. One of the newest ways in which you can use stories now is in Facebook Groups. If you are in a group, you and various other members of the group can all add to the group’s story. This helps create a collaborative story that would ostensibly boost Facebook’s community vibe.
"We're excited to announce that we've rolled out group stories globally with lightweight reactions. Group members can now respond to each other's stories quickly and directly with emojis that show a range of universal human emotions.", announced Facebook in a Community education page.
The cool thing about these stories is that Facebook is launching reactions within this update. This would allow you to react to everyone’s stories and give your opinion on what is going on in them. A lot of group moderators and admins would probably be worried at this point about the chaos that could potentially ensue with this new product launch. They will be glad to know that they will have some control over who is able to add to the group stories. This will help group’s maintain a more consistent narrative regarding what is happening with the members that are involved.

Facebook continues putting Stories everywhere on it social network, and now it’s coming to all Groups and its members

The standard Stories feature on Facebook is also getting an update, namely the music stickers that you can now add to your stories. These music stickers are pretty cool because of the fact that they can add to the vibe of your stories and allow you to express more. Facebook is investing a lot in their Stories feature, ostensibly in an attempt to remove any competition from the market.

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