Facebook Is Using Twitter as a Platform to Interact with Presidential Candidates Now

Facebook is known for generating revue mainly through ads and due to this problem specifically, the social media platform has been notorious for running ads without verifying the information. When called out by multiple critics that Facebook is not just a platform for generating money and it is required for them to see if the information is correct, Facebook didn’t respond properly. In a recent incident to draw attention towards running fake campaigns, the presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, used Facebook as a platform to run a campaign that was not verified by any source. To address this issue, Facebook took to Twitter and tries to personally address the issue by tweeting publicly.

On October 13th, Facebook newsroom team took to Twitter and mentioned Warren directly. They explained that broadcast stations nationwide have aired the ad around thousand times according to the law. However, FCC is not willing to broadcast the companies who are censoring the speech of the candidate however, Facebook stands with the opinion that it is now the duty of the voters to decide what’s true and what’s false and companies must stay out of it.

On multiple occasions, Facebook has faced serious criticism that they must allow the third party to verify the information, but it seems that Facebook was not willing to pay a third party just for the fact-checking service. Recently, Facebook has taken the step but now Warren has openly criticized Facebook and its policies regarding the use of the platform for political campaigns. She said that the platform will let the politicians swear but are yet not willing to help them run ad campaigns that do not pass third-party fact-check.

The ad campaign that Facebook referred to in the tweet was an ad campaign that claimed that Biden has promised Ukraine to pay 1 billion dollars for firing a prosecutor who is investigating the company of his son. After Facebook tagged Warren in the tweet, she replied back saying, Facebook just made her point clearer because the platform has been using itself for selling lies and it’s just their job to see what they are doing. It seems that no matter what Facebook does, it just adds to the already a heap of problems on its platform, experts say that solving major problems might take more than just addressing the issue publicly on Twitter.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images / AP

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