Sellers on Amazon Using Facebook Messenger to Buy Good Reviews

One of the biggest problems that a lot of people have had with Amazon has to do with the fact that the company has often turned a blind eye to numerous sellers that use a variety of methods in order to get fake ratings for their products. Having a five star rating on Amazon is the kind of deal that could potentially end up making things a lot easier for you if you are attempting to sell a certain product, and one of the latest techniques that sellers are using involve Facebook ads, i.e/ according to BuzzFeedNews.

Basically, if you have been using Facebook you will have noticed quite a few ads that offered free products for you to take advantage of. These products aren’t exactly expensive to begin with but who doesn’t love free stuff right? Except, the products that are being advertised as free of charge through Facebook ads are not actually free. You have to buy them, but after you have bought them you could potentially end up getting a full refund thereby effectively rendering said product actually free of charge all in all. The refund comes with a catch, though. If you want the refund you are going to have to give the product a five star rating, regardless of what the actual quality of the product is.

In this manner sellers on Amazon are effectively trying to game the system and make it so that the people that are trying to earn a living through honest ratings and the like would not be able to get by. This is a problem that both Amazon as well as Facebook should address because of the fact that it reflects poorly on both tech giants in a pretty significant manner, and at this point neither company can afford the kind of bad press that this sort of thing could potentially bring them.

Sellers on Amazon Using Facebook Messenger to Buy Good Reviews

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