Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff Calls Facebook Addictive and Harmful

Social media is a pretty big aspect of the manner in which we interact with the world around us, but if you think about it, it hasn’t really been around for all that long. This means that the impact that social media may be having both on us as well as our children who tend to use it on quite a regular basis is still being ascertained, and many users are wondering about whether or not social media should be used in the first place.

The prime suspect when it comes to how harmful social media is has always been Facebook (and the apps it owns), and the CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff definitely had some strong things to say about the social media platform. In a tweet he posted, Benioff said that Facebook was a publisher and that meant it was responsible for the content people saw on it. Benioff went as far as to say that Facebook was responsible for a lot of propaganda that is going around, and that it should be held accountable for its actions.

Benioff also went on to compare Facebook to cigarettes in that it is highly addictive, harmful for your health and is particularly dangerous to children who would think about trying it out without actually understanding the ramifications of doing something like this all in all.

Some specific things that Benioff had to say were about the Communications Decency Act of 1996. This act has a loophole that a lot of social media companies use in order to not have to face any repercussions for their actions. Benioff has been critical of Facebook in the past, with one of the most famous instances of his criticism being when he called for Facebook to be broken up saying that it had too much power for a single company.

In the defense of his parent company, Adam Mosseri (the head of Instagram) replied that, "Whether or not what we (Facebook) build is good for people's well-being is the most important question we face as an industry. But the idea that our apps are equivalent to cigarettes which directly cause lung cancer, increased infant mortality rates, and death is a stretch. It just is.". Adding further, "Making such a bombastic claim honestly undermines the issue, which is too important to treat as fodder for a sound bite."

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