Popular Travel Apps Found to be Highly Insecure

If you want to get somewhere fast, you are probably going to use some kind of travel app for the purposes of booking your plane tickets, arranging a hotel room and perhaps even having a car brought to you so that you can rent it for the duration of your stay.

However, recent tests of 30 apps that were conducted indicated that some of the most popular travel apps in the world failed to live up to the privacy and security standards that have been established in order to protect the average user. These tests were conducted by security researchers working at Zimperium, and involved thirty of the most popular apps that are seen to be a part of this category.

If you look at just the iOS apps, their results were dismal. Every single major travel app that was tested failed both the security as well as the privacy tests, showing you just how little these apps actually care about user safety.

Apps that were on Google’s Play store were a little different, with their results being somewhat better in terms of the kind of safety and security they were offering to their various users. Only 47% failed the privacy tests, but before you decide that it is time for you to switch to Android you should realize that 97% of all Android apps that were tested ended up failing the security tests which means that the Android counterparts aren’t doing all that much better than the iOS apps.

The names of these apps have not been released, but they were selected based on how many times they had been downloaded as well as their average ratings. Hence, if you go into any app store you will probably be able to figure out which apps are being discussed here quite easily, and you would therefore be able to avoid downloading them.

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