Copyright Troll Banned From Reporting Violations on YouTube Following Lawsuit

Copyright violations are something that YouTube takes quite seriously, mostly because of the fact that big name companies that run ads on the platform and help it generate a lot of its revenue want their intellectual property to be protected as much as possible since this is a big cash cow for them that they would not want to let slip through their fingers anytime soon. While a lot of content creators complain about it, the reality of the situation is that there is nothing Google can really do about this sort of thing.

However, some people make it difficult for YouTube to justify its reporting system that allows users to report content that they find to be infringing on copyright in some way. Submitting for a DMCA takedown is a rather useful way for YouTube to police its own content but the fact of the matter is that certain people, such as the notorious troll Christopher Brady, misuse this feature.

Brady built quite a bad reputation for himself by reporting content for copyright violations when there was none, targeting Minecraft streamers at first before expanding to a lot more YouTubers that were pretty much doing nothing wrong whatsoever.

YouTube sued Brady back in August, and it seems like the lawsuit went in their favor. According to TheVerge, Brady is now going to be banned from the reporting feature, will not be allowed to use YouTube under any other name and has been fined $25,000 dollars. This may seem harsh to some but YouTube is a way for a lot of people to earn a living, and Brady attempted to get in the way of that simply because he found it funny. In light of this a lot of people would agree that the punishment definitely fits the crime.

Photo: Anatoliy Sizov / Getty Images

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