Now Buy Makeup through YouTube: Try Lipsticks through Beauty Feature

From Instagram to Facebook, every social media app has integrated augmented reality (AR) in them to let people have a unique experience. With so much competition in the market, how is it possible for YouTube to be left behind?

Now you can try makeup online on YouTube while watching your favorite videos and brands. First, online shopping and now you will get to try makeup without having to visit the store? What’s better than this? It’s just the beginning of a new innovative era, who knows if we will be trying clothes through our front camera.

These ads that will take you on a lovely trip to try your lipstick on by brands like NARS and MAC are called Masthead and TrueView Discovery ads. These ads were launched back in this year, however, its availability has been increasing ever since.
"Today, we are announcing that AR Beauty Try On is available to brands globally.", announced Samantha Weissman, Product Manager, AR Beauty YouTube.
These ads come with an autoplay option and appear on the top of the videos when you launch the app. On the other hand, the TrueView Discovery ads appear at the top of the search results and in the “Up next” section. To differentiate between the ads, they both come with a yellow AD label on them.

You can watch the ad and play the video at the same time. By clicking the ad, your YouTube screen will split in two wherein one part the video will be played and the ad in the second. You can tap through different shades and select your favorite one in an easy manner. Also, if you want to buy the shade then you can do that directly through YouTube.

Even though YouTube has launched this new feature but Instagram will give a tough competition to it. The future will tell, which one will take a higher place in the market!

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Photo: puhhha via Getty Images
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