Surveys Indicate Teens Prefer YouTube to Netflix

The manner in which the world has changed over the past few years has made it so that streaming platforms have started to become as popular as, if not more popular than, TV channels. Netflix is responsible for the rise of online streaming, but recent surveys have indicated that it may not be the most popular platform when it comes to one of the most coveted demographics in the world: teenagers.

The survey indicated that about 37% of teenagers preferred YouTube as their main source of streaming content, allowing the streaming platform to just edge past Netflix which was selected as the streaming platform of choice by about 35% of respondents.

There are a number of different reasons why this would be the case. For starters, teenagers tend to look at the consumption of content a lot differently from adults. They like the diverse range of content that is available on YouTube, from bite sized shorts that cater to a short attention span to longer form content that is starting to become a lot more prominent on a platform that was previously only used for the shorter variety.

YouTube is also a very community oriented space, with creators having more control over the content they produce and in many ways having a direct connection with their audience which is something that teenagers seem to appreciate all in all. Netflix is more of a TV channel that is present in an online capacity, and this restricts its potential when it comes to teenagers by a small but still significant margin.

One thing that people should note is that even though Netflix lost to YouTube by a hair, it is still far more popular than any of its competitors such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and numerous others that are currently struggling to find a proper audience.

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