New Hacking Technique Uses WAV Files

One major problem that has started to make the internet far less safe of a space than it used to be has to do with hackers and the various malicious actions that they take part in for the purpose of stealing user data as well as generally just causing a great deal of mischief that prevents internet users from getting to where they need to go.

If you are wondering why hackers are still able to have such a huge impact on the manner in which we use the internet when steps have undoubtedly been taken to prevent them from having such a widespread influence, what you need to understand is that for the most part hackers keep changing up their modus operandi thereby making it difficult to create a plan that would be able to tackle them and keep them at bay.

The newest technique that hackers are using involve a technique known as steganography. This is basically a process by which a hacker would hide their trojan or other forms of malware under a seemingly innocuous file, one that you would download quite quickly since you would not see the harm in doing so.

According to Cylance Inc., the latest version of steganography that hackers are using involves masking malware under a WAV file. You would be prompted to download a WAV file and when you download it you would see the audio file without any kind of problem in the matter all in all, but the file will secretly install malware onto your system as well as a bitcoin mining program that is going to use quite a bit of your processing power to mine cryptocurrency that the hackers would then be able to use.

It is very important that you try your best to prevent such dangerous files from entering your system, so try your best to avoid downloading things unless you are absolutely sure about where the file is coming from.

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  1. Holy mackarel ... that sure is dangerous, I have some WAV files on both my playslist and clouds.

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