YouTube Files Lawsuit Against Frivolous Copyright Reporter

Copyright is something that YouTube tends to take quite seriously because of the fact that the platform can easily be used for copyright infringement. However, the manner in which the company has handled copyright claims has been criticized by many, and the company has been trying to make amends by taking the side of creators from time to time.

The latest news coming out of YouTube is that the company will be suing a YouTuber by the name of Chris Brady because of the fact that he frivolously reported other YouTube users for copyright violations in order to extort them, something that, according to YouTube, harmed the company and is in violation of the DMCA which is the law that is used to govern copyright and the like.

However, this lawsuit is coming after Brady was able to do a fair bit of damage to quite a few content creators on YouTube, with Minecraft gamers being the ones that faced the majority of these frivolous copyright claims. Brady basically claimed that certain YouTubers were using his copyrighted content, and YouTube swiftly removed the videos that were reported since this is its policy on copyright claims.

It should be noted that YouTube’s tendency to remove videos as soon as a copyright claim is made against them is something that causes a lot of problems for content creators for the very reason that anyone can frivolously claim copyright infringement. Brady’s is not the first case of someone using YouTube’s policy on copyright infringement to their advantage and he certainly won’t be the last.

That being said, it’s good to see that YouTube is taking action against someone that is trying to manipulate the copyright policies that govern the video streaming platform. This sets a precedent that might just prevent other people from following in Brady’s footsteps.

Photo: Thomson Reuters

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