Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google And Other Big Names And The Products That Made Them Big

The companies that sit at the apex of the market capitalization statistics are constantly changing, new ones replace the old ones and the cycle continues. When we listen to the words “large corporations” the image of colossus brands pops up in our heads that are always on the run to secure the place at the top for the share market.

These companies have been able to not let go of their respective positions, hence the reason they are the ones that strike us as the most successful ones when we talk of the market, but, their success is sustained via a number of products only. In this manner, their thrones are secured with only a few said names of products.

Apple was only $20 per share until 2007 when the first iPhones rolled out. The value of this company was a mere $100 billion, in contrast with today’s well over $900 billion. The three years between 2015 and 2017 saw the humongous sales of $433 billion worth of iPhones across the globe. iPhone, hence, makes up for 60 percent of the Apple’s total revenue.

Some of the astonishing statistics are illustrated below:

The Biggest Cash Cows of the Largest Companies - infographic

Infographic courtesy of: Getvoip.
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