Controversial YouTubers Dominate the Top 100 Digital Influencers List

Becoming a YouTube celebrity is one of the most sought-after jobs. According to a recent study, most of the American kids want to become a digital influencer or a YouTuber rather than having a stable 9-5 job or becoming a doctor or engineer. In the YouTube world, however, things are completely different. Everyone is running after likes, followers, subscribers, comments and with every passing day, the race is becoming questionably fast and it might take a lot of time for the beginners to catch up.

A list of 100 most influential digital influence has been revealed and according to the list out of 100, there are 20 make-up and fashion related influencers which mean that the makeup industry is definitely booming. However, the gender pay gap in the digital industry is just the same as any other industries and this issue have been discussed by some of the famous YouTubers.

On number one in the list, we have PewDiePie who has the second most subscribed YouTube channels after T-series. PewDiePie, is an online gamer, vlogger and entrepreneur, apart from being one of the most influential people on YouTube, he is also one of the most controversial people. Recently, he was involved in an online feud with the most notorious YouTuber Jake Paul both roasted each other. Previously PewDiePie, was also involved in a controversy related Jews and also in feud about the gender pay gap with the famous YouTuber Lily Singh. On number second we have Olajide William Olatunji but he goes by his YouTube name KSI. He is an amateur boxer and a rapper, KSI has also worked in movies.

When talking about female influencers, top of the list is Saffron Barker, who is a lifestyle blogger. Saffron Barker, is at the fifth number on the list and she has 2 million subscribers on YouTube. Barker, replaced Joe Sugg who is the brother of British YouTube star Zoella and former housemate of Casper Lee. It seems that with time people are appreciating diversity and quality of content which is the reason it is now high-time to be content and audience sensitive.

Top ten most influential YouTube stars include:

1. PewDiePie

2. KSI

3. Mini Ladd

4. F2Freestylers

5. Saffron Barker

6. ThatcherJoeVlogs

7. CC Clarke Beauty

8. Calfreezy

9. Zerkaa

10. Colinfurze

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